T 44-AP Three-Phase – For cutting rebars up to a diameter of Ø36 mm.

In a continuous search to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, Tecmor decided to design a new type of construction shears. The T-AP shears are the result of over two years of research and testing, aimed at creating a high performance yet highly lightweight shear at a competitive price. Thanks to a redesign from scratch, Tecmor has succeeded in completely renewing its way of thinking and building shears, creating an economic and simple machine, but of a quality level that only Tecmor can guarantee.
Seim T-AP shears are also equipped with 4 wheels, which makes them super comfortable to be moved around the construction site.
Like the Seim type T shears, the Seim T-AP, are equipped with tempered steel cutting blades, usable on four sides.
The Seim T-AP models are finally here, and they are ready to amaze professionals all over the world with their unparalleled balance of price and performance.

Standard Equipment:

  • n.1 Set of keys


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