PF 48-N Three-Phase – For bending rebars for reinforced concrete up to Ø40 mm. of diameter

For the construction company that needs a top-quality machine with unparalleled longevity, the Tecmor N type benders are the ideal solution. These machines are made to last years on site, enduring any kind of weather, and working all day long.

The Tecmor N-type bending machines are equipped with two adjustable steel semi-saddles to guarantee bending precision. The bending disk has a larger diameter than the S and the 4S, and can turn both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The Tecmor type N high capacity bending machines are built according to the European Standard, which provides a specific ratio between the diameter of the bars and that of the mandrels.

Standard Equipment Recommended accessories
Mandrels Ø: n.2x 56 – n.1x 64 – n.1x 68 – n.1x 90 – n.1x 143 – n.1x 182 Mandrels Ø: 126 – 154 – 196 – 210 – 224
Pins Ø: n.1x 24 – n.1x 38 – n.1x 38 – n.2x 48 Pins Ø: 32 – 40
1 Bending square for small diameters + Pin + Tempered plate  Stirrup Equipment
3 Reverse pegs Rod + Latches
1 Pedal Spiral Equipment S18
1 Set of keys Roller Bench
2 Rollers
Panel 9×9
Electronic Panel 10/50
2 Pedals
Speed Variator