Seim Jaw Crushers

Seim Portable Jaw Crusher

Seim PJC is a jaw crusher that crush and directly pack light demolition remains (debris, tuff, bricks, tiles, pieces of marble and concrete). 100% made in Italy, Seim PJC is a machine designed to be used in small places and apartments because it’s small, easy to move and lownoise.

Useful and ecologic
Restructuring works create a large amount of building waste represented by big and sharp pieces that, if not correctly crushed, can create problems of space, added work (a person dedicated to the transport of many bags), waste of time and energy. All these problems could be solved by the use of Seim PJC: a jaw crusher that, not only reduces up to 5 times the number of bags produced, but also allows the reuse of the remains to create screeds, substrates, fills and other excellent inerts.

Cost Savings
Seim PJC is the ideal solution for big and small companies that deal with renovations. With an initial low investment you can crush and reuse most of the materials deriving from demolitions.

Saving costs on:

  • bagging and transport;
  • disposal costs;
  • inert purchase costs.

The machine allows 6 different work positions for the mobile jaw which correspond to approximately the following minimum openings for the discharge slit.

  • Position A: 7 mm;
  • Position B: 8 mm;
  • Position C: 11 mm;
  • Position D: 14 mm;
  • Position E: 18 mm;
  • Position F: 22 mm.

Basic equipment
BASE: in the basic version, Seim PJC is equipped with four swivel wheels (two of which with parking brake) covered with rubber.

Advanced equipment

  • Handles: Seim PJC can be supplied with a kit of four handles to overcome small obstacles (eg steps).
  • Greasing kit: Seim PJC can be supplied with a greasing kit: manual grease pump, greasing hose, 400 g grease cartridge.
  • Vibrating Screen: Seim PJC can be equipped with a vibrating screen that allows to crush and separate the aggregates according to the desired grain size.

The vibrating sieve is a Seim PJC accessory equipped with grids with 3, 5 or 8 mm holes that separate the small grained fraction during
crushing. With this accessory, Seim PJC becomes a mini recycling plant and represents an environmentally friendly and cost-saving way of working.

Seim PJC can be also applied by restoration companies. Infact, with Seim PJC you can select the raw material by type and/or color and, adjusting the grain to the desired size, obtain an excellent aggregates for restoration mortars.

Seim Crusher Bucket


Seim CB is the first jaw Crusher made as an accessory for skid loaders. Directly operated by the hydraulic circuit of the skid loader, it’s the ideal accessory for crushing and reducing bricks, tuff, light stone, debris and demolition remains in general.

Seim CB allows the treatment and recycling of demolition remains directly on site in three simple steps:

  1. Load the material with the skid loader;
  2. Move away with the skid loader;
  3. Crush the material.

The main features of Seim CB are:

  • Quick connection to the skid loader; Low noise (less than 70 dBa);
  • Low production of dust;
  • Minimum maintenance;
  • Productivity: from 10 to 12 cubic meter/h;
  • Inlet size of the crushing chamber: 40×30 cm;
  • Total weight of the empty machine: about 690 kg;
  • Overall average weight of the machine at full load: 1,000 kg;
  • Inlet Dimensions of the bucket: 120 x 80 cm;
  • Machine dimensions (width x height x depth): 125 x 87 x 156 cm;

Seim CB is equipped with an interchangeable connecting saddle, therefore the crusher bucket can be installed not only on skid steer loaders but also on other similar machines as long as their hydraulic system has the following characteristics:

  • Required oil flow 40 l/min
  • Maximum oil flow 100 l/min
  • Required oil pressure 180 bar

Seim CB can be used in combination with a stationary vibrating screen, thus creating a crushing and selection plant for demolition remains, which is easily movable, compact and productive.

Seim Jaw Crusher Plus

The Seim JC Plus crushes waste materials from demolition (bricks, rubble, tiles, pieces of travertine, concrete and any other breakable
material) facilitating their disposal or allowing their reuse.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of a conveyor belt and an autonomous vibrating sieve the machine is easy to use.

Seim JC Plus is the high capacity, nonportable, version of the Seim PJC .

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